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All shipments require a proof of value in order to be cleared for shipping in The Bahamas. This document can be in the form of an invoice or receipt, if this cannot be provided, The Bahamas Customs will place a value based on the contents of the shipment.

Proof of value must contain the following to be valid:

  • Must Be Legible – Proof of value must be fully understandable by the naked eye
  • Contain Item Description – Document must contain a name for the item/item(s) contained inside the shipment.
  • Has An Overall Total – A combined pricing of the total of the items must be shown on the document.
  • Name of Recipient – Document must contain person or company name.


Tropix Shipping

Tropix Shipping is a Bahamian shipping and logistics company providing multiple services including customs clearance and transportation to The Bahamas for any type of cargo.